Most web designers I know who use WordPress are aware of .htaccess file which can be used to forward domains with www in front to non www domain. Google Webmaster tools offers a way to set a preferred domain but now for all Ghost users who are installing and doing

I am a designer first and hate running a website without a logo. This is my first attempt to create a logo for this website which I hope would serve this community. Do share your comments below.

Installing Ghost on a local machine takes less than a minute. But hey, we don't need a local blogging application, do we? Ghost is developed on Node.js, which is not as widely supported on shared hosting as PHP or ASP so you would need a VPS or a Node

After just few months, the Ghost team has delivered a sophisticated looking product that is fast and simple. There are many things lacking in this early release but the initial product lives up to it's promise. The most important thing that I have started to fall in love with, is