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Top 10 themes for Ghost

In less than 6 months, there are now more than 150 themes available for Ghost. A major reason for this would be Envato’s ( partnership with Ghost, however, even before its public release, theme shops like Polygonix were already active with couple of themes. Ghost is built for

Setting up New Relic with your Ghost blog

Developers involved with Ghost would be excited and waiting for the release of version 0.5 in which we can expect the ability to install Ghost Apps - aka plugins. As plugin developers start making awesome stuff for Ghost, one thing that would be affected, is the performance. To avoid

Refreshed Discover Ghost

After a long delay we are finally launching a re-designed With an aim to be the go to destination to learn everything about Ghost, we welcome you again and hope we are able to deliver quality articles from this point onwards. We'd love to have your feedback and

Domain forwarding with Nginx

Most web designers I know who use WordPress are aware of .htaccess file which can be used to forward domains with www in front to non www domain. Google Webmaster tools offers a way to set a preferred domain but now for all Ghost users who are installing and doing

Our New Logo

I am a designer first and hate running a website without a logo. This is my first attempt to create a logo for this website which I hope would serve this community. Do share your comments below.