Installing Ghost on a local machine takes less than a minute. But hey, we don't need a local blogging application, do we?

Ghost is developed on Node.js, which is not as widely supported on shared hosting as PHP or ASP so you would need a VPS or a Node Hosting Platform.

One of the tweets from @TryGhost said :

@shawnw We’re in talks with dreamhost about creating a special package for Ghost

If this does become a reality and if the pricing is right, than this could be the option most users would go with. But until then, you would need to go with VPS, Amazon EC2 or few other companies such as Nodejitsu which specialize in Node.js hosting. Another Ghost specific hosting company to look out for is Host Ghost but it's currently in beta.

How did we do it?

If you haven't already noticed, this very website is also powered with Ghost. After trying 2 platforms and giving up, I finally went with Digital Ocean.

Their entry level package costs $5 /month but after signing up for a new account you can use the promo code "DIVEIN5" for a $5 credit.

Once you create an account on Digital Ocean visit this article to find instructions on installing and setting up. How to Install the Ghost Blogging Platform on a DigitalOcean Droplet in 10 Steps.

Hosting on other platforms

Another great resource I came across was How to install Ghost. This site provides detailed steps for installing and setting up Ghost on many different platforms.

I hope this article provides you with the links to most articles on hosting Ghost that are available so far. In case we missed a good resource or if you want to share your experience with installing and setting up Ghost you can comment on our Facebook Page "Discover Ghost" or send us a tweet to @DiscoverGhost