In less than 6 months, there are now more than 150 themes available for Ghost. A major reason for this would be Envato’s ( partnership with Ghost, however, even before its public release, theme shops like Polygonix were already active with couple of themes.

Ghost is built for blogging and not as a general content management system. This makes themes that highlight their content and those that require less editing by end user more favorable. Based on this I have compiled a list of 10 of my favorite themes that I find perfect for any Ghost blog.

My 10 favorite Ghost themes

Note: Below list is not in any particular order and some links contains our referral code

01. Astro – Responsive Ghost Theme

Astro - Ghost Theme

Astro is a perfect theme for blogs. The theme is packaged with features such as reading time indicator, code syntax highlighting and sticky author details among many others. The theme is also optimized to load faster and degrade gracefully. It comes with support for multiple commenting system & detailed documentation.

02. Stretch - Responsive Ghost theme by DOT

Stretch - Ghost Theme

Stretch is a simple theme utilizing most of the features provided with Ghost along with support for featured image & video. The highlight of this theme is its beautiful full screen display of your blogs cover image. CSS animation is also used to present the content more gracefully. Bundled with .LESS (CSS pre-processor) files, developers can easily tweak the fonts and colors with minimum effort. It also comes with support for multiple commenting system & detailed documentation.

03. Mjolnir - Responsive Ghost Theme

Mjolnir - Ghost Theme

Mjolnir is a unique theme that would be perfect for any travel or photography blogs. Along with the usual features such as support for Disqus commenting system & color variations, the theme features full width featured post images. It also comes bundled with layered PSD files and detailed documentation.

04. Writr - A Clean, Bold Ghost Theme

Writr - Ghost Theme

Writr is a no-frills theme with a strong focus on typography. It’s built mobile first and uses subtle CSS animations to display content. Comes with support for multiple commenting system & detailed documentation.

05. Hey! Responsive Ghost Theme

Hey! - Ghost theme

“Hey!” is a minimalistic theme suitable for any type of blog. Come with support for Disqus commenting system and is bundled with detailed documentation as well as layered PSD files.

06. Wudan Theme for Ghost

Wudan - Ghost theme

“Wudan” is among the first few themes developed for Ghost. Created by theme shop Polygonix, this is a simple theme which requires no setup and perfect for any blog. You could simply upload it and activate it.

07. RAIN - Responsive Ghost Theme

Rain - Ghost theme

One of the highest selling Ghost theme on, Rain is a unique theme with some great special effects which could add life to any mundane blog. It comes with detailed documentation.

08. Hardcover: A Beautiful and Elegant Ghost Theme

Hardcover - Ghost theme

Hardcover is a classic blog theme which uses blog cover as a static background image and supports featured post images as well as Disqus commenting system. Detailed documentation is also included with the theme.

09. Suave Ghost Theme

Suave - Ghost theme

Suave is a stylish theme that highlights the latest post and comes with multiple color variations. The theme includes support for Discuss commenting system and also comes with detailed documentation.

10. Baldr - Responsive Ghost Theme

Baldr - Ghost theme

Baldr is a minimalistic theme but hidden with some great features such as infinite scrolling, slide-out sidebar and links to easily scroll between adjacent posts. It comes with support for Disqus commenting system and is also bundled with detailed documentation.

While this list only contains 10 premium themes, there are also some free themes that deserve equal importance because of their quality & uniqueness. Few of these would be:

Ghost is still very new. As new features roll in, I’m excited to see how theme developers utilize these features and find more creative ways to present the content.

Do leave a comment to share your favorite theme.