Finally after 5 months of anticipation, a new version of Ghost codenamed MSR1 was released on 11th August. This is the 8th release since 19th September.

What’s new in Ghost 0.5?

This version (0.5) might not feel much different to general users, but under the hood a major overhaul has been done on the admin side.

Multi-User Support

Ghost now finally supports for Multi-User making it possible to collaborate with others in maintaining a blog. New users can now be easily created and assigned various roles like administrator, editor & author.

Theme Update

Default theme “Casper” has received a major overhaul and now supports full screen homepage cover image, author archive & refined typography.

New Theme Features

Ghost now supports author archive and custom template for home page along with new helper functions.

Admin rewrite with Ember.js

A major time spent on this release was on the admin side. Ghost admin now uses Ember.js making it a fully-featured client-side JavaScript application. This technical update will allow Ghost developers to create more dynamic user interface that would behave like desktop applications.


Ghost now claims to be the first and only Open Source publishing platform to build a public JSON API. This makes every single feature which is available in Ghost, available to 3rd party developers. This would allow 3rd party developers to build apps on top of Ghost similar to some other social sites such as Twitter & Pinterest.


Users of Ghost Pro (official Ghost hosted platform) would find their Ghost blogs already updated to this latest release. For self-hosted installs, you can download Ghost 0.5 and then follow these upgrading instructions on

Plans for future?

From now on instead of the standard 2 to 3 major releases a year, we can expect a faster release cycle every few weeks. This releases would consist of bug fixes, improvements and new features and will definitely help keep the community around Ghost more active.