On 25th September, a new version of Ghost was released. This version 0.5.2 is an exciting release as it involved admin design refresh, new post settings screen with support for Post Meta, post cover images, updates to theme API, JSON API and important bug fixes.

What’s new in Ghost 0.5.2?

New About Page

The About page can be accessed from after going to the “Settings” section. This page shows details about your Ghost setup along with links to Documentation & support forum as well as a list of Ghost’s contributors.

Admin Design Refresh & new Post Settings Menu

Ghost admin gets a design refresh. While these changes are just subtle, they do make the admin much cleaner.

Another major update to this release is the new Post settings menu. You can access it by simply clicking the “Gear” icon next to the “Safe Draft” or “Update Post” button. Earlier a menu opened when clicking this icon, but now a new section slides from the right.

While this does give the admin an “App” like feel, not everyone would find this intuitive.

Support for custom Post Meta

Ghost finally provides support for user to set custom Meta Title & Meta Description for individual posts.

To access this Post Meta screen, simply click on the “Gear” icon on Post editing screen and then on the “Meta Data” button.

Post Cover Image

One of the much needed feature requested by end user as well as theme developers was built-in support for Post Cover image, or Featured Images. Finally this is now possible within the Post settings screen.

To set a post cover image, simply click on the “Gear” icon in the Post Edit screen and then click on the “Add Post Image” area or drag and drop an image to it.

Direct Email without configuration

Users can now receive notification emails without configuring 3rd party email service. The drawback of this is that there is a higher chance of your email getting blocked by Spam filters, hence setting up the external mail details is recommended.

New Theme Features

  • {{is}} helper: This is a new helper to allow themes to detect certain context a template or partial is executed in.

  • Custom Tag Template: Ability to create custom template files for custom tags. E.g. tag-notes.hbs, tag-video.hbs, etc.

  • {{image}} for posts: To display the feature post images, you could now add {{image}} within your theme template.

You can also check the complete change log of Ghost 0.5.2 on GitHub.


Users of Ghost Pro (official Ghost hosted platform) would find their Ghost blogs already updated to this latest release. For self-hosted installs, you can download Ghost 0.5.2 and then follow these upgrading instructions on Ghost.org.