Ghost version 0.4.2 (a maintenance release) is today available for download. While every Ghost release adds something exciting, today's release is exciting especially for theme developers.

So what's new in Ghost version 0.4.2?

  • Support for Tag Archives

    Up until now, users could add tags to each post and these tags were also displayed, however there were no tag archive pages that displayed posts from a specific tag. Ghost will now check for custom tag archive template tag.hbs in a theme and in its absence use the default index.hbs template.

  • Support for Custom Page Templates

    Support for custom page templates finally allows theme developers to get more creative with their themes. Think of custom templates for About us page with links to social profiles or contact us page with maps, etc.

  • RPC ping whenever new posts are published

    RPC ping now helps your new posts get indexed faster.

  • The {{#has}} helper

    Using the new helper theme developers can further style and customize each post based on the presence of different tags.

  • and many more..

Complete list of changes in Ghost version 0.4.2

Users of Ghost hosted platforms such as Ghost Pro, Ghostify might already have access to the new version. But for those of you who host it yourself, head over to to download version 0.4.2.